After reading Jamie Tanna’s post on providing a public salary history I wanted to follow suit and make my own list. I’m generally in favour of anything that increases workers’ bargaining power when it comes to better compensation. I’m hoping this list will give people a better idea of the salary for the various positions I’ve held throughout my life, and hopefully give people some context on when they should be asking for more than they’re currently getting.

DateAmount (annual)DescriptionCompanyLocationRole
2023-01-16155,000 CADSalary increaseAutomatticRemote (Canada)Software Engineer
2022-01-01135,000 CADSalary increaseAutomatticRemote (Canada)Software Engineer
2021-09-01124,500 CADMove between countriesAutomatticRemote (Canada)Software Engineer
2020-12-0112,500,000 ISKSalary increaseAutomatticRemote (Iceland)Software Engineer
2020-06-0111,000,000 ISKSalary increaseAutomatticRemote (Iceland)Software Engineer
2019-06-1010,000,000 ISKStarting salaryAutomatticRemote (Iceland)Software Engineer
2019-01-0178,000 USD *Salary increaseFraunhofer CESEMaryland, USAResearch Scientist
2019-12-3113,000 USD *BonusFraunhofer CESEMaryland, USAResearch Scientist
2018-06-0172,000 USD *Salary increaseFraunhofer CESEMaryland, USAResearch Scientist
2017-12-317,000 USD *BonusFraunhofer CESEMaryland, USAResearch Scientist
2017-11-2765,000 USDStarting salaryFraunhofer CESEMaryland, USAResearch Scientist
2017-01-1622,368 USDStipendFraunhofer CESEMaryland, USAIntern
2016-05-304,028,820 ISKStarting salaryVigdís institute for foreign languagesReykjavík, IcelandFull Stack Developer

* Approximate amounts and dates since I no longer have original documents.