I’m currently trying Plausible as a replacement for Koko Analytics. During this trial period I will be using both, but the information on this page is still accurate. This page will be updated as soon as I come to a decision.

  1. Hosting
  2. CDN & Caching
  3. Analytics

Personally I do not like my privacy being infringed upon, and I do what I can to reduce the amount of tracking I’m subject to. Because of that I do my best to respect the privacy of people visiting my site, and as such I want to be transparent about the technologies used to serve this website.

1. Hosting

This website is a self-hosted WordPress installation running on a VPS provided by Hetzner. You can read their privacy policy here.

2. CDN & Caching

I’m currently using BunnyCDN and WP Rocket for this site.

3. Analytics

I use the open source Koko Analytics plugin on my website to get an idea of what visitors are looking at, and how many people are visiting this site.

What the analytics don’t do

  • They don’t collect identifiable information.
  • Cookies are not—and will not—be used, ever.

Then what do the analytics do?

  • I see the number of unique visitors broken down by page.
  • I see referrers, and how many visitors come to my site from that referrer.
  • The data is all collected and stored on this website, and not shared with any external system or third party.
  • The collected data is permanently deleted after 90 days.
  • You can see an example analytics dashboard here.

Opting out

Koko Analytics respects the “Do Not Track” header, and as such you can opt out of tracking by enabling that setting in your web browser. I generally encourage people to turn that feature on, since many services will stop using identifiable information to serve you ads or otherwise track you.